I'm not a mom, can I still drink your juice?

Absolutely. Our juices are healthy, nutritious, packed full of vitamins and lets not forget delicious. Even though the recipes are catered toward moms, anyone can enjoy an extra boost of iron, some assistance with their digestive tract or an anti-inflammatory infused cocktail. After all, if our juice is strong enough for a mom, then they are strong enough for you.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

The biggest benefit of cold pressing juice is slow or minimal oxidation/decomposition (or mixing of air with juices) during the grinding and pressing process. With a centrifugal or rotary blade juicer, the high speed blade applies heat to the fruits or vegetables going through, thus oxidizing and breaking down vital nutrients and enzymes quickly. This juice should be consumed within 15-20 minutes of making it. Conversely, our cold press juicer takes multiple steps to extract juice slowly and meticulously from the plant. After slow grinding (or triturating), the pulp falls into a filter bag and is then met with 110psi of pressure between two steel plates. This serves to gently and completely extract the natural fruit sugars, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins and other vital elements. Cold pressing juice is the only method of juicing that enables juice to be bottled without preservatives and still maintain up to a 4 day shelf life.

What is the difference between Mama Juice and what I buy at the grocery store?

The juice you buy at the grocery store is pasteurized unless it is made onsite. During pasteurization, juices are heated up to 82 degrees Celsius, therefore leaving you to consume basically sugar and water. Heating food to 48 degrees Celsius or higher destroys the essential nutrients and enzymes that your body needs. Our Cold-Pressed juices are 100% clean, providing you with exactly what nature intended…an amazing burst of energy, healthy nutrients & enzymes directly to your bloodstream, and heightened mental clarity.

What are the benefits of Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold-Pressed juice is a great way to give your body an energy boost and kick start your "insides". A quick and easy way to get the nutrients you need, wrapped up in a tasty, nutritious serving of vitamin enriched superfoods.

When should I drink my juice?

When you drink raw juice around 20-30 minutes before eating a meal, it will serve to help stimulate your body’s secretion of the digestive juices, serving as a great appetizer. Further, for maximum nutrient absorption, it's advised juices be consumed on an empty stomach.

Where can I buy Mama Juice?

We are continually looking for new partners to resale Mama Juice Co. and have already established some wonderful partners. You can find us at a variety of restaurants, cafes and stores across the lower mainland. You can head over to our Wholesale Partners to see where you can pick up a delicious, organic bottle of Mama Juice.

Do you offer a recycling program?

Yes. Since we use refillable glass bottles for our online orders, we can pick them up when we deliver your next order. For each bottle that is returned to us, we will give you a $0.50 credit toward your next order. Please make sure the bottles have been rinsed and the lids have been properly recycled.

Can I drink your Cold-Pressed juices if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not advised for nursing or pregnant women to drink unpasteurized juices. Although many women do, we at Mama Juice Co. advise that you always consult with your health practitioner before making any changes to your diet while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Further, if you have a pre existing health condition(s), or a weakened immune system, please consult with your doctor prior to making changes to your diet. 

Why is Mama Juice sold at a higher price than other juices?

At first glance, our juice does seem pricey and we totally get it! But with the knowledge and education around what goes into that 473ml bottle of organic goodness, our loyal customer base agrees that our prices are not only fair, but warranted! We do not dilute our juice with water, ever. What you are receiving is 2-3 POUNDS of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs in a reusable glass bottle. Furthermore, all the washing, chopping, messiness, grunt work, clean-up, filtering, combining, bottling, labeling is done behind the scenes by ourselves and our staff with so much love! You get to skip the high expense not only of money, but time; receiving a convenient on-the-go product superior in taste and thriving in health benefits.

Should I keep my juices refrigerated?

If you buy our juice in glass bottles they are raw and highly perishable. So long as the juice is kept cold (4 degrees or lower), it will last for up to 4 days. We do not add any additional preservatives or heat to treat our juices. We strongly suggest you drink it by the END of the date listed on the label. So please enjoy our juices CHILLED and make sure to stock up before you run out.

What is HPP and how does it work?

If you purchase any of our juices in a plastic bottles/container, our juice would have been processed via HPP (High Pressure Processing). HPP inactivates bacteria (such as isteria, salmonella, E. coli and other deadly bacteria), viruses, yeasts, moulds, and parasites present in food. What this means is, your juice (if purchased in a plastic container) will last up to 30 days. Make sure to keep the juice refrigerated but now you can enjoy Mama Juice, even longer.

Why do you use glass bottles and are they recyclable?

Our decision to use glass for our online orders was rooted in reusability. We knew our product was going to be part of a daily lifestyle for many, which is why we are happy to offer a recycling program for our home delivery. We want our customers to feel like they are doing their part when recycling their bottles. Please refer to our recycling program details above.

Do you cater or do private events?

Yes, we do! We would love to work with your office, team, group, party, company, etc. Please email us at info@mamajuiceco.com to find out about our Event & Catering options. Make sure to check out our clients, friends and partners section on our home page.


Mama Juice Co. is NOT licensed to practice medicine and we do not provide medical advice. If you require medical advice you must consult with your medical practitioner prior to starting any new dietary program. Also, our products and employees at Mama Juice Co., should NOT be a substitute for medical advice and/or treatment. 



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